Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico struggles with an epic debt crisis, social justice issues abound on the island and in Chicago’s Puerto Rican community. The Social Justice News Nexus reported in Puerto Rico and Chicago on the impacts of colonialism, drugs, housing and debt on these vulnerable but strong communities.

Compromiso de vida: A commitment to life for Puerto Rican women in crisis
by Elyse Samuels

Former SJNN Fellow investigates public housing and Latinos for Univision
Social Justice News Nexus

La Perla: the vibrant San Juan neighborhood
by Nikita Mandhani

Medical marijuana has potential to reduce Puerto Rico’s debt
By Hannah Rank

For Puerto Ricans in Chicago, no one’s an island
by Rebekah Frumkin and Hannah Rank

What price statehood? For some, a loss of independence
by Rebekah Frumkin and Hannah Rank

The investigation continues: Unregulated drug treatment and Puerto Rico
Social Justice News Nexus

Anatomy of a This American Life story
by Bill Healy

Officials respond to unlicensed drug rehab groups, demand answers
from Puerto Rican authorities 
By Adriana Cardona-Maguigad

Puerto Rico to Chicago drug pipeline on WBEZ
Social Justice News Nexus

Faces of Addiction: Puerto Rico and Chicago 
By Rafael Franco Steeves

Univision features Social Justice News Nexus
By Kari Lydersen

Puerto Rico’s drug pipeline 
Social Justice News Nexus