Forging a new “Kultur”? A peek inside G.L.A.M. Day presented by The Beautiful Seed Foundation for Young Women of Color

Entrepreneur Crystal Watts recently partnered with The Beautiful Seed Foundation for Young Women of Color (BSF) to host a fashion show during their G.L.A.M. Day (GLAM) event. BSF is a Chicago-based non-profit organization designed to “help young women of color between the ages of 12 to 23 recognize their greatness, utilize their gifts and impact the world.”

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Biohackers join researchers on the neuroscience frontier, whether they like it or not

The human brain is one of the most fascinating and challenging frontiers of scientific study today. What makes it particularly exciting, and what compounds its complexity, are neuroscience’s nascent attempts to go beyond understanding the brain to actually reconfiguring it. This prospect so captures the imagination that science fiction as recent as the film “Lucy” still fantasizes about the superhuman feats that could result from unlocking the brain’s latent potential.

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White supremacist Bitcoin tracker shows promise of data science in activism

The Unite the Right rally that resulted in a fatality in August 2017 showed the resurgence of far-right groups in the U.S., and their potential for violence.

Horrified, John Bambenek, an adjunct lecturer at the University of Illinois and founder of information security firm Bambenek Consulting, decided to use his skills and experience to do something. Bambenek discovered after some preliminary queries that his knowledge of cryptocurrencies could shed light on far-right political activity.

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