Eiren Caffall


Eiren Caffall is a writer and musician whose work explores life during global climate change, the tricks of memory that help us survive, and the wisdom that comes whether we like it or not. Born in New York and raised in New England, she has spent the last 20+ years living and working in Chicago. She resides with her son Dexter on the north side, where they spend most of their time raising kittens and collecting fossils. Her essays can be read in Tikkun Daily, The Rumpus, The Nervous Breakdown, The Manifest Station, and Douglas Fogelson’s book The Time After. Her latest record, Slipping the Holdfast, came out in 2014. She has developed writing curriculum for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, taught creative writing workshops on climate change, extinction, and STEM to teachers through the Chicago Humanities Festival, and has appeared on WBEZ’s Morning Shift, and on their Earth Day panel on parenting during the climate crisis at the Adler Planetarium. She regularly serves as the citizen science presenter at Conceivable Future house parties, and is currently at work on her first novel, set in post-climate change New York and New England.

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