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Former LeClair Courts are still
fighting to go home

By Lucia Anaya
August 4, 2016

Almost a decade ago the Chicago Housing Authority told residents they’d have to leave; LeClaire was slated for redevelopment as part of the agency’s Plan for Transformation, a ten-year initiative to tear down most of the city’s public housing projects and replace them with mixed-income developments containing a combination of public housing, market-rate, and affordable units. The CHA intended to build a 900-unit mixed-income development to replace LeClaire, and promised Saffold and her neighbors they could return once LeClaire was renovated. But today, five years after the complex was demolished, the sprawling site is still vacant.

The residents of Rezkoville’s tent city battle the elements – and personal demons

By Kari Lydersen & Lloyd DeGrane
June 29, 2016

The vacant, 62-acre site in the shadow of downtown Chicago is the closest thing some have to home. SJNN’s Kari Lydersen and photojournalist Lloyd DeGrane talk with the residents of Rezkoville as they document the living conditions and uncertain future.

Steve-BogiraProject Fire offers peace forged in the flame

By Steve Bogira
July 15, 2015

A master glassblower and a U. of C. clinical psychologist have developed an unconventional new treatment program for Chicago teens who have experienced violence-related trauma.