Amara Enyia is winning the support of young voters, and Chance is not the only reason

Amara Enyia, a 35-year-old Nigerian American lawyer, is running for mayor of Chicago in a crowded field that includes some of the city’s most prominent political actors. But she and her supporters believe she can win the race based in part on the excitement she’s generated among young people, especially in the wake of endorsements from hip-hop stars Chance the Rapper and Kanye West.

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Losing Fear: Sandra Roman ascends from Treasure Island worker to leader in a labor movement

Sandra Roman is a lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit charging that the abrupt closures of seven Chicago-area Treasure Island stores violate state and federal laws called the WARN Act (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act), which require that companies with over 75 full-time employees provide at least 60 days notice to workers before mass closures and layoffs. When the stores closed, workers lost their accrued paid time off and health care benefits, and never got the severance pay that the law would require.

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Ban on Chinese students could cost Chicago millions of dollars

A recent White House policy proposal to ban Chinese students from U.S. campuses might cost Chicago millions of dollars and numerous jobs, estimates indicate. The proposal, raised by President Donald Trump’s adviser Stephen Miller, who is famous for promoting hardline immigration policy, aimed to stop issuing student visas to Chinese nationals, Financial Times reported in October.

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Wound care for the homeless: a long and painful path

An ache came from Abana Tabb’s legs. He looked down and saw the open wound bleeding like a leaking faucet. It seemed like a full cup of blood.

Tabb’s heart cannot pump well because of congestive heart failure, but it started beating rapidly. He felt dizzy. He lay down on the street.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to die.’ It’s crazy,” he repeated. “It’s crazy.”

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